All METRO products are secured using api key and password.

Each Key has access to given list of products which are selected during API key request. You can increase the scope of the Key by contacting us later.

The simplicity of REST allows you to integrated easily with almost any available technology stack be it Node, JAVA, Python, GO or something else.



Authentication call is required to be done at endpoint{productkey}/{version}/login/client to get a client jwt. This endpoint might also be little varied based on product. Client JWT identifies, requesting client and it is required for every call unless explicitly specified otherwise.

	Content-Type: application/json

	{apiUser:, apiPw:}


Some of call to METRO product needs scope of a Customer (e.g. Add to basket). For such calls a additional request is needed to get Customer JWT.

	Content-Type: application/json

	{username:, password:}

Access to new products:

Contact us with your request and we will add new product access to your api key.

Please note that we are working on future version of security and new robust version would be released soon.