Error Glossary

The list of errors which you can get from the Webshop APIs are described below.

404 - Resource Not Found

The requested resource could not be found.

This error tells you a specific resource doesn’t exist. It’s possible that the resource has been moved or deleted, or that there’s a typo in your request.

500 - Internal Server Error

An unexpected internal error has occurred. Please contact METRO more information. This error lets you know our servers have experienced a problem. Please contact us to let us know that you’ve encountered this error and we will help you to find the root cause of the error.

401 - Unauthorized

This error specifies the authentication is not successful.

The causes for this error could be:

  • API user or API password could be empty or it could be invalid. This generally occurs on client API call.
  • Client JWT or Customer JWT is invalid or has expired.
403 - Forbidden

You are not permitted to access this resource. This is a generic error.

The causes for this error could be username or password is invalid or empty and does not have required access.