The METRO API consists of RESTful web services. We currently offer APIs to manage various aspects of a web shop journey, both for customers and METRO employees. We are releasing more and more web services as public APIs, so the documentation space will be expanding.

For e.g., METRO Webshop API enables you to search assortment of thousands of METRO products, create shopping basket and add items to it and finally place orders on customer behalf for more that 1 million+ METRO customer spanning over 25+ countries.

The simplicity of REST allows you to integrated easily with almost any available technology stack be it Node, JAVA, Python, GO or something else.

Types of environments offered:

1. Sandbox environment:

Sandbox environment is a testing platform which simulates the production environment. Even though, this environment mimics the production, it does not share any of the production resources like database. This helps to ensure that the calls to sandbox do not trigger any real action like creating order etc. Our Postman collection on the API documentation page also points to sandbox environment. However, this environment can be accessed via domain 'https://sandbox.metro-cc.com' separately.

2. Production environment:

This is the actual production environment. This environment is accessed via 'https://api.metro-cc.com'.

Create test users

For our sandbox environment, we have to create a test user for you and provide you an API Key. You can use this key to connect to our sandbox env and use APIs.

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